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SafetyHead, Inc is a full-service safety consulting company located in Georgia. Working out of offices in Atlanta and Savannah, we maintain a customer database of more than 300 companies throughout the USA. Our services include safety consultation, safety training, jobsite audits, OSHA interpretation, risk reduction and CD-ROM based training products.

Our flexible service and exciting training environment has contributed to an annual growth rate of 26%. And although we continue to experience new clients daily, the “small company” philosophy of client-friendly service is never jeopardized. We keep a very low overhead, which allows us to provide services at very competitive rate. This is verified by our customer retention, which for the past 3 years, has remained above 90%. References are available upon request.

Our services can be provided at our office, your office, a local hotel or “on site,” whichever is easiest for you. Our safety classes are also offered at two local tech schools and several trade associations.

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Our unique training programs are designed to introduce the latest industry information in an understandable and interesting format. By mixing up the class with audiovisuals, handouts, work group activities, manuals and hands-on presentations, we make the material enjoyable and exciting. We’re so proud of our classes we offer a money back guarantee if a customer is not fully satisfied (believe it or not, we have never refunded a fee).

We also offer a consulting service that includes, jobsite or facility inspections, Safety Program development, Safety Manual creation or updating, and OSHA compliance and recordkeeping guidance.

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All of our trainers are authorized OSHA Outreach Trainers. All have field experience and at least five years of safety training experience. The company founders have over 15 years of experience in the “safety” industry, which includes engineering, marketing, purchasing and research-based technical writing.

We also have a Spanish instructor that is available for Spanish-speaking workers.


Our pricing varies depending on the location, number of students, and necessary training or service.
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